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 Integrated Excellence Approach 

IE Sigma® Promotes Blue Sky Thinking

At any stage of life, regardless of which part of the world we live in, we are always trying to be better in one or more domains of life. Whether it is to improve our personal relationship with ourselves or with others, to be best at what we do professionally or to be more accepted socially, IE Sigma is a program for anyone independent of what stage of life they are at.

IE Sigma practice can be shared with any person irrespective of their age, color, gender, nationality or location to help them to build a strategy that works particularly for them for making any improvement in any of the three domains.  It is our belief that by sharing the tools  that are scientifically proven and implemented globally will help you kick start the improvement you want to make. 

Who is IE Sigma for ?

Integrated Excellence Sigma provides various scientific & management tools and strategies that are implemented in Fortune 500 companies around the globe for successful operations. IE Sigma provides thorough comparative analysis of how these practices can be implemented in any of the domains to achieve success.  IE Sigma also draws a comparative analysis how these approaches were derived from various religious practices. 

  • Lean Principles 
  • Six Sigma Principles 
  • Project Management Methodology
  • ​Business Administration 
  • ISO Standards Implementation 

Is IE Sigma A Scientific Approach? 

IE Sigma practice is a "How To" approach to make improvements in the Personal, Professional, or Social domain by implementing the following three strategies . 

  • Rewire your brain
  • Think Beyond Profits 
  • Live Here Now
​IE Sigma helps create an understanding of our actions, reactions, or our decision making in the three domains of life and shares scientific and practical techniques easy to implement that help re-wire the hard wired thinking process, creating a clear understanding of financial freedom in life and learning to give all you have to the present.

What is IE Sigma's Approach ? 

The practice of IE Sigma has a focus on three domains of life around which our life is base: 

  • Personal 
  • Professional 
  • Social 

​Each individual regardless of what their race, sex, color, nationality, origin, or their location in the world is, is constantly trying to make improvements in one or more domains of their lives. These three domains play a vital role in our existence. It is evident from our lives that it is in these three domains that we tend to face challenges in and are constantly striving to make improvements in to achieve contentment.

What areas does IE Sigma focuses on ? 

Integrated Excellence Sigma (IE Sigma) is a nonprofit program focused on teaching a practical approach of "How To" create an in-depth understanding in any situation and any domain of life to help an individual focus on solutions. IE Sigma practice helps an individual to create a high degree of acceptance towards people and situations that they perceive as difficult to handle. 

IE Sigma helps individual's cultivate a habit of no "wrong" or "right" approach but develop an approach of difference when looking at people or any event or situation that occurs in any domain of our life. IE Sigma is a 501(c)(3) organization governed by its board of directors.. 

What is IE Sigma?