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 Integrated Excellence Approach 

 Creating Corporations of Excellence


Corporate Excellence Programs 

It is the responsibility of the leaders of an organization to provide tools for self development to their employees, help them become aware of their thought processes, and mentor them by providing strategies that can benefit everyone. We call this eliminating waste or "non value" adding processes.  

IE Sigma corporate excellence programs inculcates values that "True Leaders" posses  and gives strategies to every employee to become a  change maker in the organization. The goal of our " Excellence" program is to provide  a "How To" methodology to every employee within the organization to make the process of achieving goals leaner and quicker with fewer road blocks.

  • Knowing what your employees value most
  • Knowing why your employees work at your organization
  • Knowing the gap between the executive leaders and workers
  • Knowing how the organization can fulfill employee's professional goals
  • Knowing how employee and employer can both succeed
  • Fostering an environment of Living Here Now
  • Eliminating unproductive practices
  • Promoting acceptance of disagreements
  • Cultivating culture of compassion in the organization
  • Creating blue sky thinking culture to innovate the unthinkable


Independent of the type of organization, the revenue it generates, or the number of employees that work in it to create a product or provide service for the community, nation or the world, it is constantly looking to achieve goals. Every organization, whether for profit or non-profit, wants to achieve the intended goals for which the corporation is formed and these goals are achieved only through the employees that work for the organization. Employees are the supporting structure on which any organization remains stable and survives through any turmoil (economic or others). That is why organizations should make a constant effort to improve the efficiency of employees through "Excellence" programs. 


  • Successful employee retention
  • Improved focus and productivity of working employees
  • Accomplishing organization goals with minimal challenges
  • Attracting more talented employees
  • Lean operation, waste elimination and financial savings
  • Numerous other benefits to grow exponentially...

 IE Sigma training programs provides specific strategies that are not built in a silo but rather by working collaboratively with the employees of the organization at every level and also by understanding the efficacy of the current systems of the organization. 

Creating Success Through People Excellence


IE Sigma's corporate excellence training program is divided into two key training programs:  Leadership Excellence and Performance Excellence Training Programs.  Both the trainings are geared towards creating positive transformation in the organization to successfully accomplish the organizations intended goals. Below are three key domains through which we try to create transformation in the organization. 

  • Are your employees paycheck oriented?
  • Do you see them as helping hands or building blocks?
  • Do they value something more than money?
  • How can your organization enhance it's financial health?
  • What is the value of talented workers in your organization?

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Corporate Excellence Programs