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I have improved myself by embracing my weaknesses and pushing myself to cruise along the painful edge of growth.  Growing is a function of personal honesty, which increases self-awareness, the key to human effectiveness. Unconditional love has been the source of healing, deepening confidence, and the evolving freedom to love and embrace those I encounter.  As the years have unfolded, the physical, emotional, intellectual and  spiritual “pieces” of my life, have become better integrated. And this integration helps me function more effectively in most situations.  IESigma – in All Situations is my goal, my life’s work, my process and a source of personal joy. One might say, it’s “worth the work.” I am drawn to mentor others, to give my life away in service of those I am fortunate to meet. We all share similar stories and the common longing to be whole – to be fully human, fully alive.

Transformation is not a one step process and you can achieve it. It is a perpetual process and you are in control of how long you want to keep transforming. Sustaining transformation requires consistence and persistence to continue to achieve what you desire and deserve in life.
Just like the transformation process, you choose what your approach to sustaining transformation in your life is.

Transformation is a journey, a perpetual process that continues as long as you want it to.  IE Sigma focuses on a 360 approach and looks at every approach as right as well as wrong so you can determine which one supports your transformation.  If there are over 7 billion people on this earth, there are 7 billion or more methods to creating a transformation. We focus on scientific, management, and practical methodologies and each person can design their own unique method that helps them create a transformation.

The process of transformation is deeper than attending a motivational seminar, reading a personal development book, or reading some successful person's journey and feeling energized to get your life back on track. Thousands of seminars are conducted every year just in the United States alone, and millions of books are sold around the world but only very few people remain motivated to stay on the journey of transformation. Choosing the path of the journey is as important as the destination.

The ultimate goal of IE Sigma is to promote transformation regardless of what situation and location an individual is in. We all have the potential to achieve what the world might condition us to think is not plausible to achieve. Our goal is to help one individual at a time to reach the pinnacle of success where you have a sense of abundance and selflessly share it with the world.

Having gone through the credentials earning process that many of us do, I realized that there was more that I was in search for and so IE Sigma was founded. Multiple principles and approaches defined within IE Sigma are a part of me and the experience they create in my life is phenomenal.  Having applied these methodologies in my life has proven to be successful in creating a better relationship with not just myself but everyone around me. Without a doubt in my mind, making my personal, professional, and social relationships healthier was possible by using practical, scientific, and management principles that I want to share with others to help them make a transformation in their lives to gain a sense of accomplishment.  I believe there is one or more core strength that each one of us has and can excel in using it if we can identify and tap into it, 

Transform and you can achieve all that you have been conditioned to see as implausible.  

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Integrated Excellence Sigma, IE Sigma® is a qualified non profit 501 (c) (3) organization  started in 2011 with the interest of improving lives of individuals globally. Utilizing practical scientific and management strategies from organizations around the world, IE Sigma helps individuals achieve success in their professional, personal and social domains. IE Sigma's mission is to create transformation in the lives of individuals to create utmost fulfillment in any domain of their lives. ​By organizing events for individuals, institutions and corporations and teaching the "how to" methods to create success, independent of the race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality of an individual, IE SIGMA continues to impact lives and would like to help millions more create ​successful personal, professional and social domains.