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 Integrated Excellence Approach 

What do leaders  believe in?

Key to "Excellent" program for an Education Organization

Graduating and entering into the next level of learning exposes a school student to not only a new system of learning but also to an environment that opens doors to more questions. Most of these questions are the “what, why, how” questions and myriad other personal, professional and social domain related questions that the students sometimes just contemplate through introspection.

IE Sigma® Life Coaching and Motivational Training  focuses on providing strategies for the students to create self-awareness through observation and encourages them to implement leader qualities in their actions by making a conscious choice to create a life of excellence for them, their family, community and the world. The workshops focus on helping students transform the unproductive habits into tools for self-improvement via a leadership attitude.

As students are focused on making their way into a world of opportunities, our focus is to help them create realistic expectations to develop into a leader that makes an impact in their family, community and world!   

We would love to come to your school or college for a free workshop to share the strategies of Life Coaching and Motivational Training that has helped various educational institutions enhance the performance of the students and created positive results for the schools.

If you would like more information on the Leadership Excellence program or other special events for your institution, please contact us using the form below and a representative will contact you to discuss more about the Life Coaching and Motivational Training events offered by IE Sigma®

  • Acceptance to differences
  • Self-Reflection
  • Appreciation
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude

Young students have an insatiable appetite for answers. They inherently focus on asking questions about everything they observe around them. Every student  has a unique blue print that they create for themselves from everything they experience within their family & society.

IE Sigma® Life Coaching and Motivational Training workshops focus on presenting the topic of self-awareness to young students and teachers in a simple way. If students start creating a better understanding of the emotions they are going through in a very rudimentary fashion, data has shown that their performance in schools has improved, and their interactions with their family and friends becomes positive. When teachers are working on a method called "continuous improvement" to change the performance in their classrooms, that is the approach of a true leader. Creating understanding of the "self" to effect the outcome of results you expect from others. Life coaching and motivational training by IE Sigma® focuses on continuous improvements for students and teachers.  

School Programs To Create Leadership Excellence - For Students & Teachers


  • Constant Participant Interaction
  • Encouraging Collaboration
  • Exercises (Simulating Real World Scenarios)

Educational Organization Programs

Leaders are born, so is everyone of us... IE Sigma®

IE Sigma® Life Coaching and Motivational Training program has proven to be successful with numerous LEA’s (Local Education Agency). We believe, that to create an impact in the lives of individuals, the best time to start is at an age when the mind is most pervious to inculcate qualities that create leaders who make an impact in their families, communities and the world.

Our special presentations, lectures and workshops specifically designed for educational institutions are focused on not merely lecturing young adults about what is right and wrong and dictating them to follow what they are told. We believe every student has his or her own compass. Independent of what race, religion, nationality, or backgrounds they come from, each one of them is a success story and has the potential to create and expand their achievements by realizing their true potential.

The presentations, seminars, and workshops are a “How to” approach for the students to start developing the most fundamental understanding of the “self” and create transformations by training the mind to implement leadership qualities as they gain a myriad of experiences in their family, profession and society. Here is why our seminars and workshops have created an impact in the educational institutions and have consistently shown positive results.

Programs - For Educational Organization